We are an independent seed production company providing services that lead the industry with integrity, reliability, and quality.

This list offers guidance on our core services. We are always ready to craft a custom plan to meet your needs. Our team is flexible, with endless expertise in seed production and logistics.

Parent Seed Production Image

Parent Seed Production

Parent Seed production is an important step in the seed production process. HyTech Production has several parent seed locations around the world.

Experimental Seed Production Image

Experimental Seed Production

HyTech can provide small volumes of seed for yield trials and demonstration sites to obtain information, such as flowering data.

Field Testing Services Image

Field Testing Services

Our variety of in-field quality tests gather data about different lines and varieties. Plots are managed exactly how they would be at the 'field level'.

Certified Seed Production Image

Certified Seed Production

HyTech Production has years of experience producing hybrid canola seed, as well as several other crops.

Seed Facilities Image

Seed Facilities

Including drying, cleaning, treating, blending, and packaging. Our facility is designed to ensure that contamination between lines is minimized & purity is maintained.

Quality Assurance Image

Quality Assurance

Customized seed quality testing through global laboratory partnerships.