Our mission is to produce the highest physical and genetic quality seed which will allow true genetic potential to be expressed, enabling hybrids and synthetics to realize maximum performance, longevity, and profitability.

These crops represent our primary areas of expertise. However, HyTech’s scientific and agricultural background is highly transferable and our quality-management and data-driven process ensures exemplary results no matter the crop.

Hybrid Rye Seed Production Image

Hybrid Rye Seed Production

Fall Rye is quickly becoming an important cereal crop in Western Canada. Used for milling, distilling, fuel, and feed, hybrid fall rye acres in the Canadian prairies has been steadily increasing over the past several seasons. Working with several growers in Southern Alberta, HyTech has several years of experience producing certified hybrid fall rye seed.

Hybrid Canola Seed Production Image

Hybrid Canola Seed Production

With over 22 years of experience, HyTech Production Ltd. specializes in the production of hybrid canola seed. By acreage, canola is one of the most important crops in Western Canada, and HyTech is proud to play a role in this industry.

Hemp Seed Production Image

Hemp Seed Production

HyTech Production Ltd. is proud to be a leader in industrial hemp seed production. HyTech is currently producing feminized hemp seed for the CBD market, as well as traditional industrial hemp varieties.

Hybrid Mustard Seed Production Image

Hybrid Mustard Seed Production

In Western Canada, brown and oriental mustards are grown for the condiment market. HyTech Production Ltd. is the industry leader in hybrid mustard seed production.